Close Interaction in Cosmic Tango
2004 - Theme: Vault of Heaven

In conjunction with the Brane Village

It was a year of transition. No new art, but a new tow vehicle and trailer which was challenging enough.

A wonderful and delightful year. Used all old art and perfected set up skills. I really had a great time.
We were 4 streets back on the 7:30 arm at the entrance to the Brane Village. Often looking down towards the playa, we saw white outs frequently, but in our nook of the city it was mellow throughout most of the event. Potty Camp was also nearby and convenient. The only time there was an odor was when they were pumping it clean.

Playing with Pete is a joy. We're in sync so there was a lot of time to enjoy ourselves.

Things are finally starting to come together the way they are supposed to.

Many really great memories this year.

The best 2 were probably Friday afternoon when we were out by the temple and a massive wall of dust came at us. As I scrambled to protect my face, I watched the wall come right up to Pete, my Warrior, and then recede. wow



Friday night we hung out underneath a large art piece on the playa sitting on a porch swing. It was as if we were the center of the universe and the event came to us all night long like the ebb and flow of the tide, the party-electrical parade-music-performances-art came to us and receded into the next the whole time. WOW